About Us


Excillis Finance is authorized and regulated by Central Bank of Lebanon (BDL), registered under number 462 on Financial Institutions list. 

Today it is one of the leading financial institutions acknowledged for its expertise; it has successfully managed to build a solid foundation with its clients based on the principles of efficiency, integrity and expertise.



Corporate Profile

Board of Directors


Chairman   Fatima Hejeij 
Board Member   Karim Oueidat
Member   Rima  Wehbi
Member   Sara Hejeij



Executive Management 


Mrs. Sonia Ouaidat                Executive General Manager 

Mission Statement: To invest our human expertise in providing clients with first class financial services.

♦ Growth strategy    : Excillis is continuously establishing alliances & partnerships within Lebanon.

♦ Future outlook     : Excillis is consistently developing new products and services with added value which target client’s requirements.

With a global perspective, one of our main objectives is to keep constant insight on the financial world and more importantly to determine our client’s future needs.