Commercial Loan

The commercial loan enable individuals & companies in need of financing to purchase equipment, machinery, vehicles and construction, as well as performing upgrades and expanding their capacity.

Excillis Finance provides them with the boost they need through its Commercial Loan, a unique lending solution specially created to support the growth of your business. 



• Currency        : LBP.

• Loan amount: between 30,000,000 and 500,000,000.

• Loan period  : up to 1 year.

• Repayment method:

  a- Irregular payments fit with client cash flow.

  b- One payment (balloon).

• Grace period : up to 3 months for irregular installments.


What are the eligible sectors?

Commercial loans are provided to self-employed clients whether individual, institution or company operating in the following sectors:

• Industry

• Agriculture

• Tourism

• Construction

• Traders (whole and retail)

• Services Firm 


What are the guarantees needed?

Guarantees will be decided by the institution on a case-by-case basis and at its sole discretion as follows:

• First degree mortgage.

• Promise of mortgage.

• Personal guarantee.

• Life insurance, fire insurance.

• Others.


Required documents:

-Personal documents required from client and or partner(s) and or guarantor

• Copy of ID or valid passport or civil register.

• Place of residence such as electricity, phone, or water bill.

• Financial statement for the last 6 months.

-Documents proving legal status and income

• Copy of company circular, by laws and certificate of registration.

• Copy of documents related to business location (real estate certificate or valid rent contract).

• Copy of syndicate membership if available.

• Feasibility study including the cash flow projection validated by an expert.

• Financial statement for the last three previous years (if sales turnover is above 100000$ financial must be audited).

• List of main clients and suppliers indicate the amount & term of payment/settlement).

• Related permits from concerned authorities for industrial, touristic and gas stations companies.

• Certificate of trade practice. 

• If your company belongs to the below categories, these legal documents should be also provided.


1 - For SAL

• Photocopy of minutes of the first Board of Directors meeting.

• Photocopy of minutes of the last General Assembly meeting that elected the members of the actual Board of Directors.

• Photocopy of minutes of the last meeting of the Board of Directors that elected the Chairman and fix his prerogatives including the right of indebtedness for himself or for any other designated person.


2- For SARL

Photocopy of minutes of the last meeting of the General Assembly  that elected the General Director and fix his prerogatives including the right of indebtedness for himself or for any other designated person.




Dear customer, for any other information do not hesitate to contact us or ask for a call or visit our office during working hours, we will be at your disposal for any clarification.



Conditions apply are subject to variation.

The final condition will be included in the loan agreement where applicable.

Approval for loans is subject to Excillis Finance conditions.

Excillis Finance reserves the right , at its sole discretion to amend the above terms and conditions at any time , without prior notice.