Personal Loan


Do you need a loan to start your favorite venture?

If you are looking to renovate your home or to treat yourself to a holiday, the Personal Loan from Excillis Finance is your hassle-free access to the venture of your interest. With an easy application and prompt approval process, the Personal Loan will allow you to enjoy any of these ventures while freeing your mind from the burdensome expenses. 


Are you eligible for the Personal Loan?

 • You must be a Lebanese citizen residing in Lebanon for at least 10 years.

 • You must be between 21 years at inception and maximum 64 years old at loan maturity.

 • You must have at least 1  year  of employment with the same employer.

 • You must have a minimum monthly income of USD 500 or its equivalent in LBP.

 • For self-employed: 2 years on the same business. 


What do you need to know about the Loan?

 • Currency        : US Dollars or Lebanese Pounds.

 • Loan Amount: minimum 2,000 up to 15,000 USD or its equivalent in LBP.

 • Repayment Period: up to 3 years.

 • Grace Period : maximum 3 months.

 • Equal monthly settlement.


Interest Rate:

 • Fix interest rate. 

 • Calculation of the interest is regressive it recognizes that part of the loan, is paid back every month and then reduces the amount owed.  

 • For USD is 14% yearly if loan term is 1 year, and 17%  if loan term is greater than 1 year. 

 • For LBP 16% if loan term is 1 year, and 18% if loan term is greater than 1 year. 

 • File Fees: 1% from capital with minimum of 30$ paid up front.

 • Commission 0.1% monthly on high month balance paid up front.

 • Fiscal stamps, Paragon and Central de risk fees charged & paid up front.

 • Full loan settlement not allowed before one year of loan granting. 

 • No refund of interest when full settlement.  

 • An addition of  5% penalty rate on late payment calculated 7 days after bill maturity, with minimum of 5$ or equivalent in LBP.  


What are the guarantees and conditions required for the Loan?

The monthly repayment should not exceed one third of the monthly salary if employee or 40% from family income or one fourth of the monthly income if self-employed.

Life insurance policy covering death and permanent total disability from an insurance company acceptable to Excillis.

Additional guarantees such as personal guarantee (employee) or real estate mortgage /unregistered mortgage are requested on a case-by-case basis.


Required Documents:

 • Copy of ID.

 • Proof of Residence (such as mayor certificate, electricity or landline telephone bill).

 • Syndicate card if available (for Doctors, Engineer).

 • If employee, a recent and original employment certificate confirming the date of employment, position held, salary and SSNF number if available.

 • Bank statement of Account: applicant should have a steady income. 

 • Self-employed applicants: a copy of the Company’s commercial circular and declaration of income, financial statements covering the last two years of business activity. 

 • Rental document. 

 • Confirmation of personal assets. 

 • Life and Disability Insurance Policy for the entire duration of the loan. 

 • Applicant must have been for 2 years in the same Commercial Occupation.  


Reason for Loan rejection:

 • Total monthly payment exceed permitted.

 • Employment date less than one year.

 • Bad repayment history.

 • Legal issue. 

 • Salary less than minimum requested. 




Conditions apply are subject to variation.

The final condition will be included in the loan agreement where applicable.

Approval for loans is subject to Excillis Finance conditions.

Excillis Finance reserves the right , at its sole discretion to amend the above terms and conditions at any time , without prior notice.